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About Sign Advocates

Sign Advocates is a exceptional, full service commercial signage provider and interior and exterior visual communications company. 

With 30+ years of experience, our unique network and team provides a collaboration of highly experienced specialists and resources in providing an efficient system of creativity, innovation, craftsmanship and expertise to effectively manage and maximize brand promise, return on investment, strategies and interior/exterior signage solutions.

We work with customers to ensure client care and service of the highest quality. We are committed to providing the proper exposure and representation your brand deserves.

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An experienced commercial signage provider

Sign Advocates carries on a tradition of excellence and outstanding attention to detail in the execution of our work. We specialize in interior and exterior signage, lighting, installation, maintenance and repair. We serve the needs of small and large businesses, including casinos and the movie/film industry in Ontario and across Canada.

Our team provides top-notch personalized service to our clients. Your company is important to us and we value your goals. As your partner in business, we take the responsibility of providing superior services for quality results that best represent what your company is all about. We take our job seriously as much as we value your trust and confidence in us.

We are committed to providing the proper representation your brand deserves. With our wealth of knowledge, cutting edge tools and state of the art facility, we are able to produce high quality commercial signs. We use only superior quality products that live up to your high standards.

So whether you are in Ontario or anywhere in Canada and are looking for superior quality signs for your brand, call us!

Personalized service to achieve your company's signage goals

Our Services Include:

Printing services
Leasing and financing
Interior and exterior signage
Pylons, billboards and LED spectacles

We are your commercial signage solution!

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